Thursday, March 22, 2007

oai-ore and open knowledge and other thoughts

OK, I've been reviewing the oai-ore work, mostly with one eye on whats going on in OKF, but also relating to other work k-intis involved in ( Bloody hell people.. if there isn't an opportunity for some "Disruptive" technology here I don't know where there is.... Storing and replicating actual digitial objects as well as their metadata seems like an ideal... the trouble is, many of todays "Digital Objects" are not discrete. They are composed of evolving streams of data such as map data, scientific data, or in the case of PN/IT For Me just a stream of records such as local council alerts. It's almost like we need a recusrsive oai structure where the metadata record sits atop each recursive entry, with the ability to freshen the objects below it....

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