Saturday, June 09, 2007

SWG - Semantic Web Gateway Project

Today a group of us (open source developers in sheffield) got together to discuss some components they all have, some problems that seem to exist with open data, and what might be done about it. Specifically, we were discussing issues with extracting the planning alerts data from Sheffield council web site in order to provide a feed into the planning alerts database ( This led onto wider ranging discussions about what other data could be scraped from council sites, about the management and preservation of that data, and about best mechanisms for sharing and alerting based on that data.

From there things got quite abstract, as we identified other domains and projects that could benefit from a drop in component or service that bridged the gap between existing (Lets say Web 1.0) data silos and newer semantic web applications.

The SWG or Semantic Web Gateway Project is an attempt to abstract out the functions of a wide range of screen scrapers and other data extraction tools out there and bring them all together in a common management environment. Having collected them together in one place, have those agents will spit out RDF into a jena repository fronted by OAI and SRW services.

SVN repository and other stuff to follow soon.

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