Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sheffield and South Yorkshire eRider Meetup?

Ok.. I have a teeny problem with They want you to pay for the group in advance before anyone has signed up to it, and there must be loads of other tools for managing a community of people :).

So here's a starter for ten: Assuming your an eRider, an e-Rider, an IT professional, an enthusiastic geek, involved with Circuit Riding in any way shape or form, interested in volunteering IT based time and skill to the VCS or third sector, and in Sheffield or South Yorkshire then I'm hoping that you've put those words into google, and, unlike me, come up with a link to this blog entry instead of the usual detritus google serves up.

I'd be really interested in getting together with any other people involved in volunteering IT skills in and around Sheffield and south Yorkshire. Right now, there isn't a meetup group, and the frappr map for the area only lists three people involved in and around sheffield.. there must be more of us? Anyway, I thought it might be fun to get together and chat / discuss stories and strategies. If there's any interest, maybe we could get a crossover meeting with the sheflug linux user group, or just have a beer. On a more practical note... there are a number of projects launching around Sheffield at the moment that I reckon the local eRider community could have a real positive impact on, and I'd be interested in talking those through with anyone who's interested.

Add a comment to this post, or drop me a mail ianibbo - at - yahoo - dot - com.

Ok.. in an uncharacteristic act of faith ;) I paid the $72 and set up a meetup account... See please come and I'll buy you -a- beer :D

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