Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Twestival - Sheffield bad news :(

Dear all.....

The twestival sheffield organisers have met today and we've expressed a pretty unanimous concern that the event might not reach all our expectations. Due to many different reasons we've decided that rather put on a half-assed event and risk undoing the many months of hard work we've put into organising great community events in and around sheffield, we would be better to take a step back and look to next year.

So it's with huge sadness that we have to say goodbye to our efforts to make twestival sheffield happen this year. If anyone else has the burning desire to pick up the mantle then we can happily transfer whatever knowledge and contacts we have. At this stage, the event simply wasn't coming together as we had hoped.

Apologies for the huge dissapointment, but on the upside many of our friends and neighbors in the north are hosting their own twestival events and have made kind offers to welcome all. Please see the twestival site for details.

Please also bear in mind that there is a huge calendar of community tech/geek events coming up in sheffield over the next year. For details come along to the monthly sheffield geekup or follow @sheffieldgeeks on twitter.

With a little sadness, some relief, and enthusiasm for a year full of events,


The Hodge said...

You can always come to leeds!

Richard said...

Ahh sad news :-( but your decision is the right one.

Better to get it right than wrong, especially where other people are concerned :-)

James said...

Really sorry you've decided to cancel your event this year.

If you (or anyone else in Sheffield) is still wanting to attend a Twestival event this year we have some space at the Leeds event.

Would be great to see you there.

David said...

I know this isn't linked to your post but I read your twitter on virtual focus groups and that's what I do, see