Tuesday, November 27, 2007

27th of november and all's well, nothing of interest here.

Which is to say... I'm compiling jzkit3, which incidentally is going to be the most stonking thing to hit the open source library world in years, and generally avoiding work..... In the course of this afternoons full build and regression test, I've listened to two lectures on quantum spin by Richard Feynmann, blundered around facebook, mucked about with my fedora internet desktop and generally made a pain of myself in the office, and discovered death cab for cutie. Ooh I also wrote some technical questions to ask in the latest round of recruitment, had a browse of some blogs I read, and am saddened to discover that some of my faves have gone away. Such is the nature of the old interweb I guess. So thats it, I'm either out of interesting things to do for the day, or the things left to do need more brain power than I have left....... whats left to do but write to the future me by piling yet more crap on the internet :)

ooh it's training tonight, which I'm just enjoying so much at the moment that it hurts (No, really, it actually does, but only in a good way). Usually by this time of year I'm into raw willpower mode to keep myself going until the long winter evenings lift, but for some reason things seems well with the world, and most things seem to be unfolding as they should. In academic land my new hobby is trying to get to grips with bioinformatics.. the latter part isn't so bad, the former is a nightmare for me... praise be for Genetics for Dummies, and for the OU :).

Anyways, thankyou whoever you are (*slaps self for marillion reference*)

Peace out,

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