Wednesday, November 28, 2007


As stated elsewhere, I don't think there's anything to any astrology beyond being an an inspiration to cause people to be a little introspective, and to project their own thoughts onto what are usually either 50/50 statements to go one way or the other, or reasonably safe moral certainties. Amongst the tons of spam I filter every day, this little gem popped it's head up

It may be tough to get past a breech of trust today, especially if someone close has disappointed you. Nevertheless, you may have to forgive him or her, no matter how hard this is to do. Don't let your sensitivity get in the way; swallow your fear, move past your old hurts, and accept that you aren't responsible for fixing all the wounded people in your life.

So, I would suggest this falls into the moral certainty category, but it's a good thought, and trust is a theme close to my centre, so, even though the method is nonsense, the effect is real.

Peace out kids!

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